Here’s How To Get Soft & Smooth Skin …

The Clarisonic® Skin Cleansing System goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology for daily skin restoration. It works deeply yet gently to clear pores and prepare the skin for increased absorption, releasing your moisturiser’s full potential.

The Clarisonic® Cleansing System is recommended by dermatologists to achieve softer, smoother skin when used for only 60 seconds a day.

Clarisonic® cleans without abrasion or harsh chemicals, making it gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types.

Clarisonic® Skincare Systems have been clinically tested# with the following results:

  • removing makeup found to be 6 times more effective
  • found to be twice as successful in getting rid of body oils and skin debris
  • 96% of subjects reported softer, smoother skin
  • 83% of participants reported healthier skin
  • 70% found fewer blemishes
  • 69% said they had fewer dry patches
  • 68% reported decreased appearance of pore size

#Survey conducted with 400 dermatologists in the USA – July 2012.

For more information about clinical studies and more before & after photos (PDF) click here, here and here.

Clarisonic® Cleansing Systems are:

Effective in the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.

Suitable for all skin types. Find out more here.

Gentle for sensitive areas.

Helpful for skin conditions such as acne & rosacea.

Versatile with a range of systems to suit your life style.

cleared for your safety.

Easy & convenient to use in your home.


Leading dermatologists and quality spa clinics recommend Clarisonic skin care products as a professional solution for maintaining healthy, smooth and beautiful skin.

The Clarisonic PLUS has three speeds gentle enough for cleansing the face, yet effective for the decollete, neck and arms. Features include simple buttons for easy control as well as an adjustable T-TIMER® for accurately setting the cleansing period. A charge indicator means that you can easily keep your Clarisonic fully charged and ready for use.

The Clarisonic PLUS also accepts the Spot Therapy Bush Head which gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin in areas such as elbows, knees and feet so that they can better absorb skin care products.

Discover more benefits of Clarisonic® Cleansing Systems and client testimonials here.